Well, why shouldn’t this be the first post in the football area?

I won’t use this space to go into the history of whether I’m a hardcore Tebow fanatic or not, but I think you’ll realize where I stand at the end.  I’ve been glued to my Twitter feed for the past week and a half, as I’m sure almost every Denver Bronco fan has been (not to mention Cardinal, Titan, Dolphin, Redskin, Jet, 49er and Seahawk fans throughout the course of this).

At first, I really didn’t see the point in signing a broke-down quarterback that is likely on his way out of the business soon.  But then a few conversations took place and at this point I’ve jumped into the pool head first.  Throughout the several conversations and arguments I’ve had on Twitter and my longtime home, Broncomania, I have attempted to make my stance known.

So hopefully I’ll be able to explain this in a way that makes more sense than trying to shove my opinion into 140 characters.

I have been a fan and supporter of Tim Tebow since before he became a Denver Bronco.  I wasn’t sure I really wanted him on my team however.  He did some awesome things last year, but we cannot ignore the amazing feats of the defense, Willis McGahee and Matt Prater.  I would somewhat agree that perhaps it was Tebow’s tenacity and passion for the game that fired the rest of his teammates up, but we’re here for Peyton Manning.

I would love nothing else but for John Elway, John Fox and Brian Xanders to keep Tim Tebow in a Bronco uniform.  I will be extremely upset when he gets traded (I say “when” because I have a gut feeling it will happen).   Why be upset?  Because I’m in the camp that believes he can learn (who couldn’t?) tremendous lessons merely by being around Peyton Manning.  I understand Peyton doesn’t want to mentor anyone, which may be a small reason he’s no longer a Colt.  Tim can still stand by and observe and learn how to read defenses and how to make quicker decisions from Peyton.  He may even be able to learn how to throw a pretty ball.  I’m not holding my breath on that one though.

I’m 100% behind John Elway and his decisions, because I’m a Denver Bronco fan and it’s like worshiping the devil if you aren’t.  I think.  Something similar to that anyway.  Also, I’m clearly no expert on the wonderful game of football, so I must put my trust in those who are.  Regarding the quarterback position, who would know what makes a great quarterback and how to look for one better than John Elway?  I think there are a select few.  Certainly you and I couldn’t hold a candle.

So for now I’m all-in on obtaining Peyton Manning because I understand he won’t be here for that long.  I think Tim Tebow, if he really wants to prove he is serious about his beliefs and faith, will exercise discretion here and humble himself and sit for a few years.  It could be one season, but maybe five at most.  I’d be fine with Peyton lasting in Denver for five years because that would mean he will have lasted the longest out of Post-Elway signal callers in Denver.

Realistically, Peyton needs to choose San Francisco.  He has talked about wanting to win more championships and right now, SF is his best bet.  Selfishly I want him in Denver, and I believe that we will get him.  But what happens if he does choose one of the other two teams?  I don’t think we’ll be in the situation we were with Jay Cutler.  I would think Tim would be glad that he is still the starting quarterback, with a chance to improve over the summer and go at it all over again in the fall.  I don’t understand the notion that we would trade him even if we didn’t land Manning.  Hopefully this idea has been put to rest.

I’m sure that I have made it even more confusing about where I stand but at least this is more in-depth than the aforementioned 140 characters.  Quite simply:  I am a Tebow fan, but I’m a Denver Bronco fan first and always, and like Elway, I want more trophies in the trophy case and I think Manning gives us a legitimate shot at that right away. This does not mean I don’t believe Tebow can develop enough and we can’t build through the draft and free agency and be contenders in a couple of years.  If Elway keeps Tebow even with Manning aboard, then I think we’re looking at a situation where the Broncos can be a force to be feared once again and return to perennial post-season power.

I would just really like it if Manning decided already.

  1. jetrazor74 says:

    I’m with you 100%

    I’m a Tebow fan who, when the Broncos drafted him banged his head against the wall for wasting a draft pick on a TE in the first round, but is now excited about Tebow Time.

    But I’m a Broncos fan first, and I want to win, and Manning at the helm gives us the best chance.

  2. Only thing about him going to SF is that he’d be in the same conference as his little bro. I’m sure Eli would be against that.

    We’ll see! Hopefully this year.

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